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Michelle Chalmers
2022-03-02, 23:57
They did an amazing on air duct cleaning I will call back for the tile and grout
Josephine B.
2021-06-15, 15:45
They did an awesome morning. I will be recommending this company
Denise S
2021-03-21, 18:52
Mike has cleaned my carpets for years and has always done a very good job. We have a puppy who makes messes and he is always able to get the stains out. He's reasonably priced compared with other carpet cleaning companies.
Tom Bradley
2020-09-07, 04:13
We just love the results of their professional services
Ray Brigeti
2020-01-14, 20:14
They really are Good and Professional
Ken & Beth Baker
2019-05-22, 16:36
Mike came out to clean all of our bedrooms. We had puppy stains on the carpets. I was concerned they would not come up as I had it cleaned once before and the stains reappeared. We are so pleased that all the stains are gone and our carpet looks new. Mike was very professional and we are happy we picked them. He was recommended on our local Next Door website. Will use him again "if" we don't move.Thanks Mike.
K. Irizarry
2019-04-20, 16:58
Pete and his crew cleaned my very dirty carpet. They did a thorough job, removed stains, and left the carpet looking, great considering how old it is. The apartment also smelled terrific, fresh and clean. I definitely recommend them.
Monica Anderson
2018-10-25, 15:55
Mike and his crew recently came out and cleaned 5 rooms and my stairs. It was raining that day and they took extra precautions with the hose and their shoes to keep my entry clean and dry. They worked very thoroughly and quickly. They removed a few stains. I was happy the carpet was not real wet when they finished. It only took 2 hrs to dry. The house even smells better! Very pleased with the work and the cost.
Tracy Leach
2018-09-26, 18:49
Mike always does a great job. I have known him for years. He is the best in the business. Give him a call you he won’t be disappointed!
2018-09-16, 23:50
Mike came at a drop of a hat after an animal accident. He has always been very professional, courteous and does an awesome job. The service is great and the prices very affordable. We will definitely recommend Mike and team and continue to use them.
Lucy Starks
2018-06-19, 21:37
They are very good and affordable
Crystal Pace
2018-03-07, 02:57
They are good and so professionally smart at what they do
2018-03-05, 18:21
INCREDIBLY impressed with the quality, the professionalism, the speed and the cost. Could not be happier. I filled out the web form and they called within an hour, were out less than an hour later and did my whole house within another hour! Mark and Michael were great and I will be using Generation Carpet for the rest of my life.
Kelly Arnold Duncan
2017-09-12, 11:04
Finally I found a company that did a good job thanks to Mike not only was he professional in doing a good job but I was impressed at how well he cleaned up afterwards. I have used so many different carpet cleaning company's that did a terrible job. I'm very pleased and so happy to have found one that I can rely on.
DONNA Buckley
2017-08-24, 18:03
Just had my dryer vent cleaned. Mike was great, price was right. And my dryer works better.
Jose Palomares
2017-08-09, 03:40
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to bro Mike and his company. You did an awesome job at my new place! When I saw your work online I knew I would use your services as soon as I got new place. Thank you sir. Very professional! Came when you said you would. Thank you! You are highly recommended!
2017-06-01, 14:51
I have used this company for a few years now and I am so pleased with the quality and professionalism that I receive from them. Mike has been here a few times and he is so AWESOME! Their prices are better than any other company I have used in the past. I highly recommend using them if you need your carpets cleaned. Mine were so dirty from the grandkids and dogs. I even had Mike clean an antique rug of my grandmothers. Looks beautiful again. I an hosting a graduation party next week for my grand-daughter and I have a couple coming in from another state this weekend that I have never met and want to make a good impression on, so.....Thank you Mike and Generation Carpet for me waking up to clean carpets this morning.
Julie Wheeler
2017-02-28, 23:30
I was so impressed with what they did
I will recommend them to everyone
Cheryl Tucker
2017-01-29, 04:03
My time is important to me, so promptness is a major key. Mike was very professional, inspected my home assured me that the services I needed were attainable. He treated the high traffic areas, steam cleaned my carpet. Left my carpet looking and smelling great. Thanks Generation for an exceptional service. Will be calling back for air duct and upholstery cleaning if attainable
Laura Logan
2017-01-17, 23:27
My tile looks Brand New I'll be calling back for my Air Ducts to Be Cleaned
Toni Starks
2017-01-17, 23:22
They did a an awesome job as always
Susan Holman
2017-01-11, 23:30
I was so impressed with the amazing job Mike did on our carpet and tile. Not only were they professional and courteous but they were efficient and did the job quickly . I would absolutely recommend them .
Rose Moody
2016-11-17, 22:28
Today was the second time Mike cleaned our carpets. On time, friendly, worked hard, did an excellent job! I will not be using any other company as Mike and this company make me so happy.
Marcia Bass
2016-08-25, 03:33
WOW! All I can say is this company is The Best Yes..let me start by saying I Been using ZeroRez for the last 2 years and I Have animals(cat,3 dogs)I have 3 Rooms of carpet in my 3000 sq.ft home it started out when I use ZeroRez in 2014 cleaning my carpets were 179 bucks,our last time using that company was January 2016 my bill went up to 319 bucks for 3 rooms and they didn't do a good job,so I call them back 10 days later for them to come back out because I was still having a bad odor..long story short they came same results,so I heard about Generation Carpet Cleaning I used them,That guy name Aaron was so professional,and got RID of that odor from ZeroRez left behind,plus the price the charge me were $179 I am a Proud Customer..Generation Carpet Cleaning we will always Use You and I will Tell all my Family and Friends
Susan C.
2016-06-17, 21:47
I had Generation Carpet Cleaning come out today and they cleaned my carpet before Christmas. Today Mike and Jackson were here and did a wonderful job. Very affordable too. I will continue to use them when I need a good cleaning. Thank you for making so much. I love clean carpets.
Marcy Bass
2016-05-25, 22:41
all I can say is this company is the Best,we have a 5,100 square ft. home All of us been having bad sinus and allergies lately,they cleaned our air ducts now we are breathing normal,no more sinus medication.They are scheldule to come back to clean the wood floors.I Highly RECOMMEND
China S.
2016-02-24, 14:17
I highly recommend this company for your Carpet Cleaning Service. Mike was on time and did a magnificent job. He removed every stain in every room in my apartment. He left my apartment refreshed. My carpet looks brand new. I will definitely be using Generation Carpet Cleaning & Restoration again.
felix ramirez
2015-08-13, 22:29
Good job, will use again
Toriana Schultz
2015-07-22, 16:57
I can truly say about Generation Cleaning,they are amazing,Tony came out to clean our carpets,never in a moment I could believe they could remove 2 stains from where my dog have had accidents.We have used Dalworth,and Blackmon Mooring,these two companies said the stains were permanent.WOW.Thank you Generation Carpet Cleaning for making me a believer,i will tell all of my family and friends to use YOU
2015-07-22, 14:56
Extremely professional, efficient and experience shows. . .Mike explained what they were doing / what was done - provided instructions for how to keep in good shape. Very impressive. . .our tile floors/grout looks like new!
2015-05-27, 18:12
I used Generation Carpet Cleaning for the first time last week. Mike came and did a fantastic job! He is knowledgeable and professional. I had him back today to clean tile and grout. It looks like new again (it's 10 years old)! I've used a company for 6 years and I will never use anyone else now! They are amazing!!!
Teresa Gleva
2015-04-21, 17:05
I have had a great experience with Generation Carpet Cleaning. Mike has come out to all my personal cleanings and has always been very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I am a Realtor and I have been so impressed by the quality of service for the price that I have referred All my clients to Generation Carpet Cleaning and they too have been impressed!
Jenny Kirkpatrick
2015-03-18, 03:31
I have used this company twice to clean my carpets and tile,they are fast to fit me in always on their Same Day Express Service.Mike who always come out to our home each time is friendly, and very knowledgeable and professional.We use Dalworth and they came and charged us double compared to their pricing.Dalworth came in with their hoses banging and scratching up our walls.Generation Carpet Cleaning did a much and being mindful of my home a much better job,I recommended them to all my family and friends.I can truly say take lot of Pride in their Services
Jenny K.
2015-03-16, 19:23
I have used this company to clean my carpets and tile twice. They are fast to fit me in and do a excellent job. Mike is who has come to our home each time and is friendly and very professional. He is quick but efficient. Dalworth came and charged me more than double and took 4 hours and he was banging the hoses on my walls and left scratches. Mike from Generation takes about 2 hours in our home and does a much better job and is very careful with my furniture and walls. I would recommend them to everyone and with always use them when I need my carpets cleaned. 5 star all the way! I think Mike might be an owner operator and if so he should advertise as such because it shows that he cares about his business and makes sure his customers are happy!
2014-10-19, 03:44
I had a great experience with Generation Carpet Cleaning. They were very professional and addressed my needs and concerns. My carpet had stains from spills, make-up, ect. They were able to lift up the stains and restore my carpet to it's original state. They demonstrated and explained to me about air duct cleaning. I had a pleasant encounter with them. I would definitely recommend utilizing their services.
2014-06-22, 18:59
We were extremely pleased with the service provided. Our dog got sick all over the stairs, plus the previous owners had apparently had some pet stains, and now the carpet appears brand new. I feel great knowing that everything is 100% safe. The technicians were extremely professional and courteous. We will definitely use them again if anything every comes up!
2014-06-10, 23:31
I am so happy I found Generation Carpet. My daughter wasted green nail polish in the family room carpet. My husband and I attempted to get it out. No so lucky, we made it worse. In an attempt to use the last cleaning company with no response the carpet remained with the large green spot in the middle of the floor for about a week. I found Generation carper on internet. I attempted to book online but called immediately after. Mike answered the phone and told me he could come out the same day!!! He was actually able to come out earlier than scheduled and he did a fantastic job. No more green carpet. Mike was very professional and quick. I will definitely use Generation Carpet again! Thank you!
Molly Day
2014-06-10, 03:22
Generation Carpet Cleaning and Restoration has been my carpet/furniture cleaner of choice for four years. I never knew beyond the fabulous GREEN part of this business.I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would need RESTORATION work done until one day my leaky AC unit/hot water heater...(yes, both bad....same weekend). Mike was there at the ready with his machines and high powered fans to get me thru the ordeal. Then like MAGIC, he was back, re-installing the carpet and cleaning everything. I feel fresh and back together with his awesome support! GREEN and CLEAN!!
2014-06-07, 22:40
We just had our carpet and tile cleaned by Generation Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. They use an all-natural, non-residue, non-toxic, no chemicals cleaning method that is very effective & safe for babies and pets! They did a fantastic job & I couldn't believe that the tile in our bathroom actually changed colors after they cleaned it! It was THAT DIRTY!!!! Now I feel so much better letting our baby crawl on the floor & carpet!

Mike was the technician who came out to do both cleanings and he is AWESOME!!! He gave us tips for upkeep and was so friendly. FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! We will definitely be using them again!!!
Maria Robles
2014-05-16, 11:05
Thank you to Mr. Mike who came out to clean my boyfriend's house yesterday! He came home and was really surprised turned out great! Thanks again
Stephany Jackson
2014-05-16, 11:04
Generation did a wonderful job on our carpets today. We have an 8 mo. old that is now crawling and I have no doubt that she'll be safe. Thank you for your hard work! Blessings
Katie Aultman
2014-05-16, 11:03
I had purchased and I liked the job so much, I keep having ya'll back! You always do such an excellent and professional job! I have NEVER liked my carpet cleaners (Dalworth, Kiwi, you name it) but you guys have changed my mind! Love, Love, Love and will recommend to EVERYONE! Thanks again! Stay fabulous and Happy Holidays!
Left by Kevin D, Arlington
2014-05-16, 10:51
My wife and I had a flood in our home last month, and water filled the entire residence. DISASTER! We called one of the big carpet cleaning companies, and they wouldn't even come out to survey the damage without a down payment. A co-worker recommended I call Mike with Generations, and not only did he come out ASAP and provide a free estimate, he got started right away and didn't leave till everything was finished. He also loaned us fans free of charge for a whole week to dry out our home. He came back the following week and cleaned the carpets. We have cats, and he made sure to use pet-friendly cleaning solutions. Now, friends and family say they can't even tell we ever had a flood! He saved our carpet, and our house! Mike did an excellent job, and I would recommend his services to everyone.

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